Top Hand Hunts

We hunt in several different locations in the Texas Panhandle, Oklahoma Panhandle, Eastern New Mexico, Southwestern Kansas and Southeast Colorado.

The High Plains is a land unto itself. If you’re accustomed to hunting South Texas or forested areas, the openness of the high country will take you by surprise. Not hemmed in by close quarters, out here you can see for miles. Roberts County, where we are based, has exactly one town in the entire county--and it’s only got 588 people!

If hunting for you also means “getting away from it all,” then you’re unlikely to find a more isolated and remote destination. At the same time, we are conveniently located to the international airport in Amarillo, and enjoy proximity to major thoroughfares such as Interstate 40, US 287, and US 83.

First time visitors from the east enjoy and are taken aback by the long views and the scale of the High Plains. At the same time, many expect that this part of the Panhandle is flat. We beg to differ! Canyons, mesas, wooded ravines, meandering creekbeds, and the rough breaks of the Canadian River will redefine the words “rugged country” for you.

Texas is unarguably one of the top hunting destinations in the U.S., and our corner of the Panhandle is the best of the west.

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