Top Hand Hunts
The uniqueness of the Texas Panhandle is proven by its incredible diversity of game. Trophy mule deer, trophy white-tails, and trophy antelope can all be hunted in the same day. Where else can you make that claim?
Add blue quail and bobwhite quail to the mix, varmint hunts, and incredible waterfowling, and you'll quickly realize that this is one of the premier hunting destinations in North America.
Our mature white-tails are 175-225 pounds, and we bagged a monster 250-pounder not all that long ago. The hunting here focuses on quality, not quantity--other places in Texas have better concentrations, but we go toe-to-toe on quality with anywhere in America.
Our success is based on a few simple things: quality of hunt, quality of animals, and our impressive success ratio: we're 100% for trophy antelope since 1982. Moreover, we provide an all-nature experience, and point out the beauty of the habitat that might not be immediately evident. We encourage our hunters to see the big picture, and to appreciate the diversity and scale of nature beauty here in the rugged northeastern Panhandle.
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