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Rick McDowell is owner and operator of Top Hand Hunts. He graduated from West Texas State University in 1982 majoring in wildlife management with a minor in geology with emphasis on landfoms.

For the past 20 years McDowell has been leasing ranches in Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado providing quality hunting opportunities for his clients, including ex-governors, White House personnel, major oil company presidents and other VIPS. He is a member of the Rocky Mountain Elk Association, National Wild Turkey Federation, Quail Unlimited, Ducks Unlimited and an Endorsed Outfitter for the North American Hunting Club.

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Good Things in Life Don’t Come Easy... Especially healthy populations of the trophy white-tails, antelope, and mule deer. Top Hand Hunts actively manages each of our leases for the ideal balance between harvest and production. With a degree in wildlife management from West Texas State University, a lifetime’s experience as a conservationist and hunter, and more than 20 years leading guided hunts in Texas, Colorado, and New Mexico, Rick McDowell understands the land and the resource like few others.

We know that harvests have to shift according to annual peaks and valleys in reproduction, in hunting pressure on adjacent leases, and according to accurate censuses.

Our confidence in a quality hunt is based on experience and on the fact that we have never taken more from our leases than a healthy population of trophy animals will sustain. Our wildlife management plans always put the wildlife first. With lots of supplemental feed, stringent harvest rates, active habitat resotration, and scientific census work, we are able to maintain healthy ecosystems and happy hunters as well.
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Rick has been featured on a nationaly televised program on the Outdoor Life Network (OLN) called AdventureBound Outdoors.

You can watch the clip by clicking here or on Rick's image to the right.

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