Top Hand Hunts
Two decades of successful guided hunts don’t happen by accident. When you arrive everything will go seamlessly...but that’s the result of meticulous planning and attention to detail.

We provide hands-on instruction at all levels of the hunt. In addition to basic gun safety, before the hunt we’ll go over each hunter’s firearm and work with you if you have questions. We’ve got a shooting range for hunters who are trying out a rifle for the first time or for those who are just getting their feet wet. With extensive experience teaching young hunters, we’re also ready to make your child’s first hunt a success.

Our custom-designed hunts can combine white-tails and mule deer, or virtually any other variation that the habitat will support.
Our hunts begin long before you ever arrive. With extensive scouting, equipment checks, vehicle maintenance, and meticulous attention to the dogs, we make sure that the homework has been done and done right for each and every hunt. We hustle so that you don’t have to, and so that your experience is relaxing and focused on getting your trophy.
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