Top Hand Hunts
We stay in a several different locations depending on where we are hunting. Some of our leases have cabins on or near the property and in some locations we stay in local hotels.

When you book your hunt we will handle all of the arrangements for lodging and meals.
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This will vary depending on the type of hunting we are doing, but in general, be sure to bring:

• Appropriate Hunting License by state
• Hunter Education Card (if born after 1971)
• Hunting Clothes appropriate for the type of hunt and weather
• Boots (2 pairs)
• Camera
• Rifle or Shotgun, depending on what we are hunting

If there is anything else you will need, we will be sure to let you know before you travel. Be sure to check out our weather forecast a few days before you arrive to make sure you bring appropriate clothing.
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Because of the large variety of hunts we offer, and the varying geographical regions we hunt in, prices will vary greatly. For this reason we will furnish you with a full price quote on a custom basis. Feel free to contact us anytime to find out the costs of your hunt. But rest assured, our prices are always reasonable and competitive - we strive to provide you well more than your money's worth.
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